Mahmoud Bassam

Experienced Sr. Graphic Designer with over a decade of creating visually compelling designs. Passionate about transforming ideas into engaging visuals that captivate audiences. Adept at using industry-leading software and collaborating with cross-functional teams to deliver impactful designs that meet the client’s needs and expectations. Known for combining creativity with a strong understanding of branding and marketing principles.

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Reach International Holding

"RIH" an international holding company based in Dubai, needed a strong and sophisticated brand identity to reflect its global reach and leadership in business and investment.
I designed a modern and impactful logo that symbolizes growth, stability, and international presence. The visual identity guideline, featuring a refined color palette and elegant kufi-based logo mark, extends to corporate stationery, marketing materials, and digital assets, ensuring a consistent and professional brand image across all platforms. This cohesive branding strategy effectively communicates the company's values and enhances its global reputation.

RIH – Dubai, UAE

Corporate identity, Brand Guideline