Mahmoud Bassam

Experienced Sr. Graphic Designer with over a decade of creating visually compelling designs. Passionate about transforming ideas into engaging visuals that captivate audiences. Adept at using industry-leading software and collaborating with cross-functional teams to deliver impactful designs that meet the client’s needs and expectations. Known for combining creativity with a strong understanding of branding and marketing principles.

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AZARY experts

A brand identity that reflects the commitment to excellence and professionalism. My goal was to create a visual identity that conveys trust, flexibility, and modernity.

I began with an in-depth analysis of Azary Experts values, target audience, and market positioning. The logo design features a sleek, contemporary arabic typeface that symbolizes clarity and precision. The color palette combines a sophisticated purple with a complementary screamin' green, exuding confidence and reliability.

The visual identity extends to Brandbook, editorials, website and digital assets, ensuring a consistent and memorable brand presence across all touchpoints.

AZARY Experts

Visual identity, Corporate identity, Branding