Mahmoud Bassam

Experienced Sr. Graphic Designer with over a decade of creating visually compelling designs. Passionate about transforming ideas into engaging visuals that captivate audiences. Adept at using industry-leading software and collaborating with cross-functional teams to deliver impactful designs that meet the client’s needs and expectations. Known for combining creativity with a strong understanding of branding and marketing principles.

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campaign design

palistinian olympic team

I had the honor of producing an outdoor campaign that radiates pride and unity. Using a striking double exposure design style, I blended portraits of our national football athletes with iconic Palestinian landscapes and milestones. This unique approach highlights the strength and resilience of our team, making every visual a source of national pride.

The campaign features bold billboards all over the Palestinian cities, eye-catching posters, and offline ads, along with dynamic digital content for social media, websites and google ads. Each design piece celebrates the powerful connection between our athletes and our heritage, creating an uplifting and memorable experience for all. This campaign brings our team fans together, both offline and online, to cheer on our incredible Palestinian team players.


Outdoor Campaign Design